Human Resource Consulting

Our team specialises in providing consulting support to human resources departments as well as to HR & Remuneration Committees of Board of Directors. This support covers any aspect of benefit provision to employees, including short-term incentive plans, long-term incentive plans, recognition programs, and wellness benefits.

We truly believe in the transformation that the correct human policies can bring into an organisation and assist our clients in designing appropriate policies and implementing these effectively. Our consultants have assisted corporate clients in major reorganisation projects, including voluntary retirement plans, redeployment of staff, redesign of internal structures and roles, as well as delivering employee communication which is critical to the success of any such effort.

Our strength also lies in our ability to assist our clients in navigating the local regulatory, industrial, or other challenges which they may face in implementing any such initiative. We have the experience required to act as a liaison with all stakeholders involved and engage with them in successfully delivering on the relevant client objectives.

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